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Hanoi is known as the capital city of Vietnam owning a rich history of the country in the period of creating, building and protecting in over thousands of years. Hanoi is a place that offers visitors a great taste of history by wandering throughout the Old Quarter to see the old houses, enjoying the finest traditional cuisines on the streets, blending the soul of art into local galleries..
Hanoi will be not only an exploration of new land but also an opportunity to discover deepest dream of culture.
Hanoi is transforming over times, the long-established coffee culture is now invigorating to a more modern way of product development; the Hanoian’s cuisines are varies from unique local street food to world-class restaurants; the creatures of art is honored and build-up in a more professional way of enjoyment..

Great taste of local cuisine

Hanoi is popular because of its well-remained value of local cuisine. You cannot decide what is more attractive; each dish owns a different mixture of ingredients and spices; they amaze you every time you try on the new ones and last forever in your mind.

Imagine waking up in the middle of the ancient city with different great smells of food, Hanoi keeps you busy choosing the meals for the day. While ‘banh-mi’ bright ups your morning, the ubiquitous Pho – noodle soup is the king of everyday meal, nothing will beat a pork-rib hotpot for a cozy night.  Don’t forget stop by a coffee shop or try out the caramelized flan/fruit yogurt on the street for snacks.

The Old Quarter

Nowhere in Vietnam serves you a more acute sense of eyes, ears and nose than Hanoi’s Old Quarter does. Wisps of incense drift out onto streets from ancient temples painted a riot of reds and oranges, while in an extensive corner the clang of a blacksmith’s hammer mingles with a mobile fruit seller’s call.

Jump onto a cyclo, bike-taxi called ‘xe-om’ or walk on your own feet to explore this mystical town to be astonished by the beauty of the people, the ancient houses, bright street and happy atmosphere around.

Cafe culture & Entertainment

Hanoi preserves a culture of coffee that few of the coffee-based cities from all around the world could. Locals demonstrate their way of taking a seat and waiting for the coffee slowly filters and foreigners actually find it interesting. Not to mention this will be the time that you will forget your daily fast-paced life, just enjoying the life as you wanted.

Entertainments of the city also goes from simple to considerable. People either choose hanging around for street foods or join luxurious restaurants at rooftop, beverages varies from draft beer to trendy tropical cocktails. Hanoi is becoming modern but remaining the finest of an antique town in a very special way.

Lakes Hopping

Hanoi is the city of lakes and all of the lakes symbolize the stunning, calm spirit of the city. Hoan Kiem Lake is located at the heart of Hanoi with the unique greenish water color which not commonly found in any other lakes in the country. Hoan Kiem Lake is a busy place in the morning with lines and lines of oldies and teenagers doing work-out with or without music/equipment while the afternoon comes along with a matrix of motorbikes or cyclos twisting around the lake. Bring your camera with the Hanoian’s signature ice-cream cone on the other hand and become a real local chilling by the stone bench beside the lake.

Come further to the north with Truc Bach Lake & West Lake. These lakes are the must for ones who love to try local food in a peaceful atmosphere, stay away from the noisy crowded life of downtown.

Recommended Time of Travelling

The climate is inviting from April to June, but Hanoi is particularly beautiful in May when its many trees come into bloom – orange, white, purple and red flowers elevate the already beguiling street scenes to another level. October and November are also excellent months to visit when temperatures are cooler.

You will have the chance to see Hanoi at the best in the period from April to June or September to November. The highly recommended time is May serves up the blooming season with the color of orange, white, purple and red enhancing the lively atmosphere of the city.


Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam so the transportation could not be any easier. There are plenty of options; flights, buses or trains are available to cities throughout the country.

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