Đồng Hới is the capital city of Quảng Bình Province in the north central coast of Vietnam. Once traveller visit Đồng Hới, there are many chances to visit both beautiful landscapes & historic sites in here, such as Quang Binh Citadel, Mother Suot Statue, Tam Toa Church, Nhat Le Beach, Dong Hoi Market.

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Quang Binh Citadel

It is a complex of high fences and towers, forming a fortress that protected the kings and the capital of the Nguyen dynasty since 1630. The citadel is 1500 m away from Nhat Le beach; it is adjacent to Nhat Le River on the east side and the forest on the west side. Quang Binh citadel held an important position in many periods of the country’s history. In 1885, when the French army attacked it, people and the soldiers of Dong Ha defended and triumphantly won the battle, making the French retreat. During the Vietnam-France war from 1945 to 1954, the local inhabitants have also made several attacks at the citadel.

Nowadays, there is no more war in Vietnam, but the citadel still stands vividly as an honorable symbol of the brave country, attracting visitors from many places around the country and the world.

Mother Suot Statue

Mother Nguyen Thi Suot (1906 – 1968), was a labor heroine in the Vietnam War, a 60-year-old woman who risked her life doggedly ferrying Vietnamese soldiers and artillery in a small wooden boat to the other side of the bank of Nhat Le River from the years 1964 – 1967.

When the US bombed the wharf and surrounding areas, all of the ferrymen left. Only Mother Suot bravely stayed to help the soldiers across the river regardless of how heavy the bombs rained down at the two wharves.

On October 11, 1968, Mother Suot was killed in the attack by two steel-pellet bombs from a U.S jet. Her name became known throughout the country and she was officially honored as a heroine of Vietnam afterwards.

Nowadays, the Mother Suot Statue stands proudly in a square next to Nhat Le River and has become a historical tourism place in Quang Binh. The statue is stone-crafted as a picture of the courageous Mother Suot as she was sailing across the river with soldiers on board.

Tam Toa Church

Tam Toa Church is an old Catholic church built during the late 19th Century. During the Vietnam War, the church was destroyed by American bombs on February 11, 1965 and only the facade & the big bell remains behind some iron gates.

Tam Toa Church is considered as a historical symbol of the enduring lives of Vietnam through wars and an endless pride of the local people.

The history of the church attracts many tourists who are interested in war relics & more in-depth stories of wars.

Nhat Le Beach

The beach is located on the mouth of the Nhật Lệ River as it empties into the East Sea. The beach is generally empty with a smattering of locals, a few hotels and restaurants, construction work, and a small play park for kids. As locals don’t like to go in the sun during the day, you’ll have the beach to yourself if you go at this time. The sand here is soft and fine, and the view is gorgeous. There is a four-star resort at the opposite bank of the river.

The beach is a perfect choice for everyone to come in the summertime and enjoy the sea and the sun. There are also many more night pubs and hostels open near the beach now and (weather permitting) it has led to a very lively atmosphere in public squares for both local people and tourists.

Dong Hoi Market

The Dong Hoi local market is located along the bank of Nhat Le River. Almost every city in Vietnam will have its own wet market, but the market in Dong Hoi is actually quite impressive in terms of size and variety of fresh products. Usually a wet market is divided into sections. Fresh vegetables and fruits will be stalled outside in the street, while meats, dry vegetables, and dry products such as nuts, rice and beans take up only a small section of the marketplace. You will find the fish market right at the banks of the river. Dong Hoi is a significant fishing port along the Vietnamese coast, so the selection is wide.

You can easily find all the traditional spices & ingredients necessary to cook a proper Vietnamese meal. Don’t forget to stop by local cafes to enjoy the traditional Vietnamese fashion of having coffee while browsing around the city.