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  • Quang Binh Cuisine

  • Quang Binh Cuisine

  • Quang Binh Cuisine

  • Quang Binh Cuisine

  • Quang Binh Cuisine


Banh bot loc (Shrimp and Pork Tapioca Dumplings) is a small, clear-looking, chewy tapioca dumpling in Vietnamese cuisine that can be eaten as appetizers or small snacks. They are usually filled with shrimp and pork belly, often being topped with fried shallots and served with sweet chili fish sauce. Banh Loc Me Xuan is the most popular brand of true Banh bot loc in Quang Binh. Things that make Banh Loc Me Xuan unique is the fresh ingredients with special way of making it taste totally different from others. Banh Loc Me Xuan is just bite-size – but the filling is bursting with wonderful flavors, giving you a taste of life that will never be forgotten!


Tu Quy Restaurant is well-known as the best restaurant in town for Vietnamese street food dishes. With much variety in the menu, Tu Quy Restaurant offers tourist a great taste of local cuisines of ‘banh xeo’ (Vietnamese crépe), ‘banh khoai’ (stuffed omelette), ‘bun thit nuong’ (Vietnamese Grilled Pork & Rice Noodle), ‘banh beo’ (Water fern cake), with the most popular dish being ‘banh xeo’.
Like the salad roll, the “banh xeo” is a dish that involves the messy but delicious process of wrapping the crepe in lettuce with cilantro and basil. One piece on the bottom, and another on top encase what is usually a salad consisting of bean sprouts, prawns, boiled pork, taro and carrot. Drench in fish sauce and you have a deliciously messy slice of fine pleasure. Tu Quy Restaurant is famed for the best restaurant of ‘Banh Xeo’ in town.
You will not want to miss the chance to have a closer taste of Quang Binh’s traditional cuisine in this one small little dish!


  • QB Restaurant & Café

Established in 2006, the QB Bar & Restaurant is located in the central city square, known as the Quang Binh Citadel (01 Le Loi Street, Dong Hoi). The restaurant serves different kinds of cuisine from all around the world including Vietnamese, Korean, Italian, Japanese.  Hotpots and grills are the most popular dishes. The QB restaurant also offers a wide selection of drinks such as teas, coffee (Western & Vietnamese coffee are available), smoothies and juices. Customers will even be more satisfied by comfortable furniture and welcoming ambience in the restaurant.

  • Chang Chang Restaurants

Chang Chang Family is a group of local cuisine restaurant in Dong Hoi, Quang Binh. There are three members of the chain: Chang Chang Riverside, Chang Chang Quan & Chang Chang Party. The goal of Chang Chang Family is to create a traditional Vietnamese atmosphere in Dong Hoi, followed by the mission of “each dish is Vietnam”. Chang Chang Restaurant welcomes hundreds of domestic & international tourists a day with their beautifully delicious food.

Chang Chang Riverside is a restaurant that lies by the Nhat Le River Bank. Owning one of the best view of the river & Bao Ninh island, Chang Chang Riverside brought up a romantic side of Quang Binh, serving some of the best traditional dishes in town.

Chang Chang Quan & Chang Chang Party is the place that will be most suitable for group meetings, friend reunions with the wide & modern space. Along with the beautiful decorations, the quality of food of Chang Chang will never disappoint anyone’s tastes.


  • Expedition Restaurant & Lounge – Chay Lap Farmstay

Eat, Sip, and chill from sunrise to sunset and into the evening hours beyond in Expedition Restaurant. This hub of Chay Lap Farmstay is a great place to dine and unwind during your stay and meet up with other guests who are part of the Farmstay family while you are staying here.

Expedition Bar adjacent to the main restaurant area is the casual lounge bar area offering a combination of seating styles to sit back and relax in, while enjoying your favorite chilled beverage from the large beverage list. Light snacks from our ‘Peckish Nibbles’ menu will compliment your favorite beverage before dinner.

  • Oxalis Home

Expedition Cafe is situated next to Son River. The cafe offers the perfect spot to enjoy a freshly prepared meal and refreshing cold drink with seasonal fresh juice and dishes. The menu is created and improved based on the availability of local food in Phong Nha.

At Expedition Café of Oxalis Home, the team is dedicated to providing customers the best dining experience. Other Services: Expedition Café also organizes dinner on the nearby islands or on the beach below. Customers can personalize their own meal and setting. Just down the stairs, Expedition Café has just opened a river beach equipped with beach towels for rent and safety jackets.

  • Phong Nha Lake House Restaurant

The Lake House offers exquisite Vietnamese and Western cuisine overlooking a beautiful natural landscape. The Lake House restaurant is an experience itself; it combines the highest possible standard of taste, presentation and atmosphere.

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner & caters to private functions. Using fresh ingredients, the Lake House chefs are free to let their creativity flow, to bring you traditional and unique culinary delights using the best possible locally-sourced Pacific Rim produce. Lake House offers a swim-up bar and relaxed lounge area on both their pool deck below and their upper deck where the restaurant is located.

Both decks are perfect places to relax with friends and family whilst overlooking the stunning lake. Sip on an authentic Vietnamese coffee while you watch the sunrise. Enjoy a light snack and cool beverage while you plan your adventure for the day. As the late afternoon light descends over the lake enjoy a cocktail on the balcony, before digging into an evening feast. Customers are always treated with a very warm welcome and high customer service.

  • Bamboo Café

Phong Nha Bamboo Cafe opened in July 2014 and it is owned by a local couple, Hai & Van. Hai is one of the first people who initiated tourism development in this small town, and he is a strong advocate in the community of animal and environmental welfare and conservation. He and his wife came up with the idea to create a beautiful and chill space for all travelers to stop by to enjoy great coffee and food (mostly Vietnamese food with a Western touch and some Western food options as well). It was also designed as an atmospheric place to meet other people and learn about local culture. Friendly and smiling staff are always there to serve and help you at anytime. As a local business, Bamboo Cafe prefers to employ locals from around this region to work for them. Many of them used to be farmers and had never worked in tourism before, and now they are working at Bamboo Café and largely contributing to the success of the business


  • Vung Hue Restaurant

Located on the other side of the street from the Phong Nha Tourism Center, Vung Hue Restaurant sits just off the main road. Turn up the street which runs next to the Phong Nha Bus Station, and it’s 100 m in the distance on the right-hand side.

Vung Hue Restaurant is the destination for local food, especially for groups of travelers. They serve almost all tasty local specialties such as local chicken, perch fish, carp fish, “mat” fish, local crayfish, and local vegetables such as morning glory, Malabar spinach, and more. They have a good menu but most of the best dishes are served seasonally.

Hours of Operation: 8:00 am – 09:00 pm