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Danang could be a wonderland for anyone. The delightful beaches, amazingly delicious street foods, the most gorgeous beach coastal road will blow your mind away. Danang is transforming with a great collection of restaurants, cafes, bars and luxurious retreats. No wonder why the city is chosen to be the most livable city of Asia.

Danang owns beautiful beaches with golden sands sweeping along the city from the mountainous Son Tra Peninsula to My Khe beach dividing the city’s two distinct bays. The southern section of My Khe is now home to a host of world-class luxurious resorts, hotels while the constructions are committed to preserve the beaches.

You can easily find a positive living motivation from Danang every day and every time of the day. The early morning comes with locals busily working-out, football and volleyball matches strike up all around and people jog, stroll or simply relax with an iced Vietnamese coffee as the morning breeze kicks up and waves lap the sands. Nightlife calls your name of exciting local bars and entertainment places.

Street food

Danang takes food seriously. Local dishes have the root of traditional cuisines but developed in a totally new level. ‘Banh Mi’ – Vietnamese stuffed baguette is the most favored street food either suitable for a breakfast feast or even all-day snacks. ‘Mi Quang’ is another story of Vietnamese noodles’ elite; create a totally new way of having noodles features rice noodles and pork, shrimp or even chicken with bold flavored broth topped off with chopped veggies, quails eggs and peanuts.

Don’t forget to try out the seafood feasts of Danang offered in most on the beach-side restaurants. Locals know how to remains the freshness while brings up the most traditionally unique way of enjoying the food.

Dine with wine

Even you are a drinker or not, you will surely not want to miss the entertaining places spread all over the city especially ones nearby the river and the beach. The pubs on Bach Dang Street are recommended as a nice place to hang-out with your friends while enjoying the Danang’s daily busy life. Once you prefer a more high-end place, head up to Sky 36 of Novotel Hotel for a panorama view across the city’s riverfront and bridges.

My Son Sanctuary & Cham Relics

My Son Sanctuary is a UNESCO-listed complex of abandoned temples located hours from Danang downtown that interests many of travellers. Some towers belong to this sanctuary is hidden in the middle of jungle, with some parts are ruined and some remained make this a mystical place.

For those who love to learn more about Cham culture and forming My Son in a detailed context, try the outstanding Cham Museum of Sculpture in Danang downtown, next to the Dragon Brige to the city side. This place entitled as the home of largest collection of Cham sculpture in the world.

Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills is a popular complex retreat built on French-style up hills includes hotels, community playground and giant flower gardens. Ba Na Hills made it on the list of being one of most impressive cable car system in the world that rises almost 1,300m over the course of its 5km length.

Besides, Ba Na Hills owns some of the visiting points such as French Village, Linh Ung Pagoda, Linh Phong Tu Tower, Le Jardin D’amour Flower Garden, Fantasy Park..that serves up the spectacular journey for anyone.

Recommended Time of Travelling

Danang is a great destination nearly year round. The best months to visit are from March to May and September to October, when the weather is warm and crowds minimal. June – August is the prime time for tourists with the heat and little rain. In exchange, the beach is beautifully clear and calm.


The Danang International Airport has a number of daily flights from Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, as well as other major cities in Vietnam. There are also a growing number of International connecting flights from Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, China, Bangkok and Singapore. Bus and train routes are also available.

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