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Hoi An is a fascinating place where the traditionally rustic architecture mixtures with a leisurely wander. Formerly known as Fai-Fo or Faifoo, Hoi An is an historic town of Quang Nam province and noted since 1999 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site while embraces not only the multi-country inspired ancient houses but also offers great experiences of a new modern breath brought by the businesses within.

Great escape to the Old Town

The town is the highlight of Hoi An which was a bustling commercial hub from 15th to early 19th centuries and settled by merchants from different countries such as China, Japan, Europe, together forming to a fusion of architects – Hoi An Ancient Town today.

Hoi An Ancient Town has the layout of open markets, old houses on narrow streets, wooden footbridges which opened only for pedestrians and cyclists making this a great place for tourists. The town owns a fresh peaceful atmosphere; once you see, you will capture it forever in your mind: the ornate Japanese Bridge, the greenish river lazily flowing in between the town, slim paths decorated by pink (or white) bougainvillea with the smell of local street foods blending into the air. Have a deeper look into Hoi An’s timber-frames houses will make you believe this is a truly beautiful creature of Vietnam.

Pureness of local cuisine

Hoi An’s culinary serves up a pure pleasure on the table. All of the dishes are made from locals daily: local-grown, local-harvested, local-processed and local-served. The freshness and tastiness of the dishes stays on your tongue before, during and after your meal. If you have done research on Hoi An before your trip, you will definitely heard about ‘Banh mi Phuong’ – the best ‘banh mi’ in the world added with cucumbers, pickled radish, fresh sliced tomatoes with plenty of meat choices – you will not find a finer ‘banh mi’ than this in anywhere else. Another signature dish of Hoi An is ‘Cao Lau’, this is the chunky noodles with thin-sliced fatty pork, fried wontons and greens in a tiny bit of broth. You will not want to miss the pork stews grilling and selling right on the street.

A round to Coconut Village

Get on a bike and head to Cam Thanh Coconut Village located about 15km from the town. Once you arrive, thousands of water coconut welcomes you to get on the bamboo basket boat to slowly rowing along the coconuts. You won’t miss the chance of being in a boat race, together with local fishermen, throwing fish nets to catch fishes, mud-crabs, coconut mussels and turning coconut leaves into fun items as crowns, rings, necklaces..

Chilling by the Beach

Located at around 3km to the north of Cua Dai Beach, An Bang is one of Vietnam’s most trendy and entertaining beaches. The beach owns a proudly beautiful blue water and golden sand, there comes the outdoor bathing chairs set up along the coast. The local dishes are to kill with a unique way of making and enjoying. You can either chilling by the beach for a cold beer or working-out with outdoor games.

Hoi An ‘Haute Couture’

Hoi An is home of many designers, tailors and shoemakers who are willing to stitch you an unique outfit in 24 hours (or less!). With the great quality of clothes such as cotton, linen and silk threads at upscale boutiques, Hoi An dedicated to have your outfit done with hand-sew in the best quality. Jewelry and leather are also a high-demand kind of goods for shoppers. Don’t forget to use your own bargaining skills while shopping.

Recommended Time of Travelling

Hoi An has its own weather condition. You are expected to have rainy days with tropical storms during September to January while it will be the best time of the year in Hoi An from February to May. If the heat doesn’t bother you, go see the sunny days in Hoi An from June to August.


Hoi An is just 30-minute drive away from Danang, one of the most convenient city of transportations. Bus and train routes and many of connecting flights from international destinations are available.

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