Classic Tours

Quang Binh tours give you the chance to admire the world’s most beautiful and magnificent caves and sun-drenched creamy beaches, and a wide array of monuments and historical relics representing turbulent Vietnam’s history.
Whether you are seeking for an adventure tour or just want to laying down and enjoy Quang Binh in the most relaxing way, those classic tours below will absolutely surprise you.

  • Tour Period

    1 - 4 days

  • Location

    Dong Hoi, Phong Nha, Le Thuy, Bo Trach, Quang Trach

  • Tour type

    Classic, relaxing, cycling

Enjoy every single moment

City Tours

Please be informed that we will link you directly to the tour operator’s website for tour details.

Son Doong Cave Expedition

Son Doong is the world’s largest cave and one of its greatest natural wonders. This 4D3N is one of the world’s top bucket list adventures with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Tiger Cave Series Adventure

No other trek in the National Park is more authentic and remote than the Tiger Cave Series Adventure. It's deep in the unspoiled jungle and in the heart of the National Park.

Hang En Cave Adventure 2 Days

Hang En is the 3rd largest cave in the world. It is for travelers who want to experience an enormous cave – but may not have time for Son Doong

Hang Va Expedition 2 Days

Hang Va contains some of the world’s rarest and most incredible formations – numerous tower cones rising up from emerald green waters. The experience is rewarding for photographers

Ma Da Valley Jungle Camping

This tour takes you on a short trek to Elephant Cave. Explore the unique cave formations before heading to Ma Da Lake for a refreshing swim in crystal clear water

Tra Ang Excursion

This tour is perfect for everyone willing to spend less time jungle hiking but still experience and explore some truly unspoiled tropical rainforest and caves.

Enjoy the adventure!

Tour outside the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park

Please be informed that we will link you directly to the tour operator’s website for tour details.

Tu Lan Experience 1 Day

An action-packed day to discover the wet and dry caves of the Tu Lan cave system, including swimming, climbing and picnic lunch by a waterfall

Hang Tien Exploration 3 Days

Get the full picture of the Hang Tien, both with enormous entrances and staggering formations. It is for adventurous travelers who want the full experience of the Tu Lan system.

Cha Loi Cave Experience

A journey to the south of Quang Binh province where you will get chance to have a soft trek into the jungle and caving. The beauty of nature will steal your heart away.

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